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Appeal Insurance Denial

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There are many cases where policy holders have experienced insurance denial and there are many reasons that may cause your insurance claims to be denied. However, if an insurance claim is denied it doesn’t mean that it can’t be paid at all, let us help you appeal insurance denial. There is a need to appeal insurance denial when your claim is denied, though it may be denied a second time. If Atlanta Public Adjusters can’t help, an attorney might be needed. That is why if you are faced with a herculean task of filing an application for insurance claims denial appeal, you should consider contacting qualified a certified Atlanta Public Adjuster to help you with the process.

Technicalities in Claims Denial

It might not be as easy as it sounds because if an insurance claim is denied, there should be a reason why it’s denied since any insurance Company may not just deny insurance claims for no apparent reason. The issue is prevalent in health insurance where health insurers can turn down a claim for one reason or the other, any small mistake may cause your insurance claim to be denied promptly without reference. But you shouldn’t worry because with every challenge also comes many solutions. If you are faced with such a challenge, call us immediately and we will help you resolve any details until your claim is accepted.

Right to Appeal

Has your insurance claim denied on any ground, whether medical or any class of insurance. You always have the chance of appeal; you should understand that though your insurance claim is denied, there are options of appealing and making corrections if your claim filing is riddled with errors. There are already new regulations that stipulate how the process should be handled; the rules are termed as “internal appeal”. That is why you should inform us of the development so that we can help you in the appeal process, many lay people don’t know the technicalities of the rules. But since we are ever advancing our knowledge in such cases, we will help you understand the rules and file an appeal on your behalf at the same time.

External Review

In the instance where you have made an appeal and your insurer is still declining the claim, then you probably need to try again. There is a regulation that if your insurer has denied accepting your insurance claim the second time, an independent regulatory authority will take up the case and examine it carefully. At this stage, or before this stage, is where you should involve us to help you with your claim. When it reached such stages, it will be upon us to deal with it and negotiate on your behalf with all parties. Since Atlanta Public Adjusters has handled such cases many times, we will surely give you a solution. The final say will depend on what the independent review organization has decided, but of course we will prove your case on your behalf.

How to Appeal

In the event that your claim is denied by your insurer, we will help you write an appeal letter informing your insurer about the case. Different insurers and policies have different appealing methods, so a letter is mostly needed to address the denial of service or compensation. We will call your insurers to inform them about the denied claim or service, and then from there they will tell us how we can proceed to appeal your insurance denial. It can be a complex case if you don’t have competent experts to do it for you. We have fully experienced and competent team of insurance adjusters who have dealt with such cases for many years. So if you have any case of insurance claims denial, don’t hesitate to call us at 404-455-4561 for more information about the matter.

Why was the Claim Denied?

There are a number of reasons that may cause your claim to be denied: it could be due to errors or omissions in your claims filing and application. Incomplete information is another ground that may cause your insurance claims denied, small errors like wrong spelling and errors in inserting wrong figures can cause your claims to be denied. Your claim could also be denied due to other technical reasons that experts like us need to help sort out. You should let us handle any insurance claims appeal process professionally as your Public Adjuster.

If your insurance claims is denied on whatsoever ground, don’t or worry. We have experience in handling such cases for many years. All you need to do is give Atlanta Public Adjusters a call and we will be glad to take up your case from there. After that you can rest easy as we follow up the whole process from every stage to the end. It can be a laborious process, but our experienced team has what it takes to initiate and complete an appeal insurance denial no matter which insurance company is involved.

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