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Roofers Public Adjusters and Profit

Roofing companies that work with our Public Adjusters enjoy an 85% increase to the bottom line! Public Adjusters mainly work directly for home owners when they experience damage to their home or business, but we have developed a system that is strictly for contractors which works the very well for roofing companies.

Contractor and Public Adjuster Roles

For a long time, roofers have been offering “free roofs”, which has been an excellent way to obtain business. Unfortunately that activity is now described in the state of Georgia, and many others, as the “Unlicensed practice of Public Adjusting”. Furthermore the way the law reads, only a public adjuster or an attorney can assist a home or business owner with an insurance claim.

Contractors and Public Adjusters are both considered professionals and each play a critical role when damage occurs at a home or business, however to be compliant with the law; roofers should never advise or attempt to negotiate with a home or business owners insurance company. Learning insurance company policy is a full time learning experience. There is a lot to know and the policies are constantly changing.

Insurance Claims – New Georgia law

A new Georgia law called House Bill 610 actually makes it illegal for roofers to solicit insurance damage related work – unless they are licensed Public Adjusters or are working with licensed Public Adjusters. Roofers and Homeowners alike have no idea that if they hire roofers to actively assist in their claim, there has to be a Public Adjuster involved.

Our process is simple. As the contractor, you Identify damage, get some paperwork signed, take some pictures, gather some information and let us review the potential claim to make sure it is a covered loss. We remove the risk of the contractor accidentally filing a frivolous claim on behalf of the homeowner – which is one of the reasons why new laws are in effect.

Compliance + More Profit = We are here to help!

We are here to help contractors, and especially roofers, to not only become compliant with the law, but we also can show that our involvement means an increase to the overall profitability of each and every roof job performed. The image below is the actual increase roofing contractors we work with have experienced. These are real claims and not some kind of fabricated information made up for marketing.

Roofers Public Adjusters and Profit

When we strip out the ones that started as denied claims, the 455% comes to an average of 85%. Come meet us and let us show you in person the above real life cases and more so that we can add more money to your bottom line!

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