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Apartment Fire Marietta GA (1)Filing fire insurance claims can sometimes prove cumbersome for many people; one thing you should realize is that every insurance Company is out to minimize what it pays out. That fact is in line with every business anywhere in the world, the insurance industry is no exception. Their claims examiners are not necessarily to blame, the insurance companies are in business to collect premiums, not pay claims. Do you know what steps to take when faced with a fire insurance claims situation? Firstly, in the event that fire happens on your premises, whether at your home, business, or rental property; call us immediately to help you with the whole process before it’s late. Every home is covered for fire under every type of policy except “forced policies”, which only cover the mortgagee. So be careful to make sure you have the proper coverage to take care of all of your personal property – especially if you are a renter.

Here are tips on what steps to take if you property is destroyed by fire:

Fast Contact

In the event that your property is damaged by fire, make an effort to call us immediately as your public adjusters. We will come in your property and analyze the extent of damage even before your insurer arrives. Then as your insurance adjuster arrives at the scene, we are there to ensure the damage assessment is accurate and complete. We are licensed to work with insurance industry on any form of claim, and that is why you need us to help you to make sure every step is handled correctly right from the beginning. We can help you process your claim and make it a hassle free for you; you shouldn’t try handling all of the running around required since we can do all that on your behalf. All you should do is rest as we handle every part of the process for you.

Professional Property Estimator

Immediately after your property has suffered fire damage, there is a need to assess the damage and know the value of what all was damaged in the process. We use the best property estimators who we will call to help you, Please do not make the mistake of accepting the insurer’s estimate alone. We will ensure that you have the right property estimator to measure and record the entire loss, and in doing this we will make it easy to get an accurate cost of reconstruction. You can see how the process can prove cumbersome if you don’t expert public adjusters to help. That is why Atlanta Public Adjusters is your friend in need in times like these.

Apartment Fire Marietta GA (2)Answer All Questions

Your insurer will ask you many questions pertaining to the damage and your policy; we are ready to help you answer all questions your insurer asks. We talk with your insurers and relay to them all relevant answers since we understand what is covered and what is not covered. By reading the terms and conditions of your policy, we can understand what is covered in real-time. You need not to bother yourself about what to ask or what to say as we will do all that on your behalf. We are here to help you answer relevant questions in a professional manner to your insurer, it’s not easy for an average person to understand what is contained in the insurance policy contract like we do, and what you say can easily cause your claim to be denied.

Write it down

You are required by your insurer to write everything down that is damaged; we will help you to catalog all of the damaged items since we are very experienced at what the insurance company needs. Every one of your items has a value and many people lose the cash value of those items after fire damage because they don’t catalog the items right after the loss. That is why you should rely on us as your public adjusters to help document your loss and put everything in writing. It should include the extent of fire damage on your property, and a list of all damaged contents. We will help with analyzing the value of what is damaged by fire in the process.

Protect Your Property

There is a need to protect what is remaining of your property or what you have insured against fire. For instance, if your home has part of its roof damaged by fire, your policy states that you must prevent further damage with tarps or temporary repairs. You can cover and rope off the area so that what is remaining is safely guarded.

Document Everything

Apartment Fire Marietta GA (3)Make sure that you document everything after the fire damage, take photos and video of the whole scene to make your fire insurance claim has been well archived. You should also keep all receipts you have used in the process for any repaired work. If your home is totally damaged to an inhabitable condition, keep all records of any alternative accommodation and meals you have used in the period. All such records and documentation are reimbursable in the process of claims payments, but you should involve us in the whole process so that we help to maximize your compensation. Many people often lose the maximum potential pay out because they don’t hire experts to assist them. You have no reason to have underpaid claims or unpaid claims since now you know what to do – Call Atlanta Public Adjusters at 404-445-5671.

What you ought to know

If you want your fire claims to get paid in timely and convenient fashion, you should understand the following before you file for claims; understand whether your property is covered against fire and other factors. That is where experienced public adjusters come in to help explain to you what is covered in your policy. Don’t assume that you have coverage based upon what your insurance company is telling you. We will help you understand all what is covered and know terms and conditions of your policy in advance.

What is “Total Loss” when it comes to fires?

The term total loss is loosely thrown around in the insurance industry and can be very misleading. To the homeowner or property owner who is the victim it means there is no salvage and everything is completely destroyed. From the insurance standpoint it does not guarantee any specific dollar amount or negate the fact that the claim must be demonstrated as to the value of the building and personal property. Nothing is guaranteed and a detailed claim must be prepared and properly presented to assure maximum recovery. A constructive total loss does not even guarantee the policyholder the policy limits and don’t forget about the applicable (negotiable) depreciation.

Did you know there is more than one way to get your insurance company to pay over your policy limit? Well there is but it must be proven. The burden of proof is always on you, the insured.

Let a qualified Public Adjuster with over 35 years of experience on our team help you with your fire loss. Don’t leave it to chance. Filing a claim after fire damage is not a walk in the park; it is a laborious and sometimes torturous process. The only way you can do it is to ensure that you have help. Call us to help you through it smoothly, call expert public adjusters, and

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