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Atlanta Public Adjuster

Do you need a Public Adjuster, what is a Public Adjuster? Public Adjusters represent Home and Business Owners when they experience property damage of any kind. Public Adjusters fight the insurance company to get the maximum payout and ensure the home is put back to pre-loss condition or better.

An Atlanta Public Adjuster will make certain the policy does what it is supposed to do on behalf of the policyholder, not the insurance company. The property insurance policy is purchased to protect the policyholder from monetary loss when the property sustains damage. The property can be rented, owned, held to operate a small business, and or to operate a large commercial enterprise.

Insurance Claims – Damages can be the result of a Non-Catastrophic or Catastrophic event. burglary, vandalism, hurricanes & tornadoes, theft, fire, plumbing losses, hail / wind or other storm damages, and accidents can affect your home or business. When you find yourself a victim of any property damage, Public Adjusters Atlanta works for you and will help with any and all Insurance Claims you have. We make sure that the policyholder receives the MAXIMUM claim settlement allowable under their policy for all Insurance Claims.

Insurance Public Adjusters In Atlanta USA | Read What Is A Public Adjuster

Must you sustain Major Damage to use a Public Adjuster?

Public Adjusters No. Even though we are most experienced with large catastrophic losses, we handle smaller claims as well. As licensed Public Adjusters / Claims Examiner, we trace all damage from the origin of the incident, to its furthest reach. Typically, a policyholder’s settlement offer, when dealing directly with their insurance company, will only include topical repair. Often instead of paying for the full extent of the damage, a “cosmetic allowance” will be the policyholder’s settlement offer. If the policyholder accepts this offer they might have to hide the repairs with throw rugs, plants, or pictures!

Why Public Adjusters Atlanta?

Water Heater BurstStudies show that using a Public Adjuster / Claims Examiner has resulted in higher payouts to policy holders “Policyholders who used public adjusters received an estimated $17,187 on their claim, compared to $2,029 for those policyholders that did not use a Public Adjuster, a difference of 574%.” – Office of Program Policy Analysis and Government Accountability (OPPAGA)

Here is what Smart Money Magazine has to say about Public Adjusters:

“Roughly 80 percent of policyholders accept its damage appraisals without seeking an independent opinion.” – Smart Money Magazine

Public Adjusters Atlanta  – We work for you!

We absolutely MUST review hundreds of policies for free to become top quality public adjusters. Let us review your policy with you for free – today. We will go over your coverage and make sure you fully understand your policy. We do not sell insurance and have nothing to offer except our excellent service as a consumer advocate.

If you have already experienced an incident and filed Insurance Claims, call us and an experienced Atlanta Public Adjuster will come out to your location and as your personal Claims Examiner, inspect the damage you have sustained. We will review your policy with you along with a thorough inspection of any damages. This inspection is needed to ensure that if a claim is to be filed it is worth it, and MAXIMUM settlement will be received. There will be no need to “cover up” damage that your insurance company will say you are not entitled to receive compensation for. Call us for a FREE onsite inspection – 404-445-5671

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