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If water damage hits your house of property, you can do many things to deal with the water damage matter effectively. It’s vital to stop any water flow or pipe break at the earliest opportunity. Extract pools of water water damage and begin drying the entire area affected to forestall additional damage. In the event that you aren’t able to remove water damage and dry the zone rapidly, think about calling a water damage extraction company.

Keep receipts from the clean up and offer them to your insurance company. Move damp households to a safe room or range with a bunch of outside air. Draw up wet covering and floor coverings as quickly as time permits. On the off chance that you move things outside, place them in a safe region to shield them from burglary. The insurance company may pay you back. But ensure that you call us immediately to help you through the whole process, as public adjusters, we are here to work for you and to ensure that you get your full compensation.

The accompanying tips can help the claims process move quickly:

Review your policy to verify you comprehend what it covers and what it doesn’t. In case you’re not certain, ask your insurance agent or to clarify. Have your water damage strategy prepared when you call your insurance company. Be ready with all answers about the extent of the water damage. Take pictures or video the affected area and any damaged personal property before you make any repairs.

Do not make repairs before your insurance adjuster has seen the damage. Do not discard anything about the water damaged until the insurance adjuster has seen it. Make sensible temporary repairs to shield your home and property from more water damage harm; however don’t make expensive auxiliary or perpetual repairs until your insurance company says it’s OK.

Record all that you spend on water damage repairs and keep the receipts. Maintain a log that keeps track of everybody you talked with at your insurance company. Note the time, date, the name of the individual, and what you discussed. Follow up with the insurance company to affirm vital points of the claim. Keep duplicates of letters or different reports you and your organization send one another.

Water Damage Claims Process:

After you file the water damage case, you should receive notification from the insurance adjuster inside of a day or two. The insurance adjuster will let you know about its the process and any obligations you have. The insurance company ought to give you the name of the individual who will be handling your case.

The insurance adjuster’s team must begin exploring your water damage situation inside of 15 days once you provide notification of a loss and they may approach you for more information. When you send the information, the insurance company has 15 business days to acknowledge or reject your case. On the off chance that the Insurance Company says it will pay your claim, it must pay inside of five business days. In the event that the insurance company rejects your case, it must clarify its reasons in writing.

As a part of the water damage procedure, the Insurance Company will send an agent to your home to assess the damage. We also should be there to work with them for a complete assessment of damage assessment. It may be a while if there was a major disaster, and the property isn’t deemed to be safe. Make sure to be at home when the insurance adjuster comes so you can talk about the damage and answer any inquiries.

The insurance company will let you know in writing if your policy covers the damage and will give you an opening offer. Remember that the appraisal may change. The insurance company may furnish you with a rundown of contractors, yet you don’t need to utilize somebody from their list.

About Adjusters

Insurance adjusters are self-employed entities who work for insurance companies. They, for the most part, charge the insurance company and expense for every case they handle. We are in that category of experts who will help you get your claims through, we don’t work for Insurance Companies but we work for you. Public Adjusters like Atlanta Public Adjusters are free and neutral workers, and we help individuals arrange claims with their insurance agencies. Public Adjusters work for you, not the insurance company. Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis. The expense of a Public Adjuster is typically is subtracted from settlement you get from your insurance company.

Settling a Claim

Your insurance agency has five business days to send you a check after it says it will pay your case. In the event that you don’t get your check inside of five working days, and then you should call us as your friendly Public Adjusters at 404-455-4561 to help speed up the process. If you detect that your Insurance Company is postponing payment intentionally, contact us for help even if you aren’t our client.

Once the insurance company has acknowledged they will pay the claim, most Insurance companies will pay in two payments . The Company issues the first payment after the insurance adjuster has assessed your damage. This check will be for the evaluated expense of repairs less you’re deductible. The deductible is the only portion of the claim you must pay yourself. Review your policy, or ask your agent that sold you the policy if you don’t know how much your deductible is.

The Insurance Company will give you a second check for the final balance after it gets the work completion form. You must finish repairs or renovate your property inside of a specific number of days from the date of damage. Survey your strategy or ask us for more information in this matter.

Replacement Cost and Cash Value:

Replacement cost is the dollar value that you would pay to reconstruct or repair your home less your deductible. Expense is unique per location and does exclude the value of your property. Inquire if you are not sure the amount it would cost to revamp your home.

Cash Value is the thing that you would pay to modify or renovate your property less deductible. A Cash Value policy takes into account wear and tear or age of the property.

The insurance company will pay any extra expenses after the property is repaired or renovated.

What to expect

The insurance company will pay to improve your home with materials of like kind and quality to the first. For instance, if the floor covering is damaged, the insurance company will pay to supplant the damaged rug with the carpet of a same quality. In the event that you decide to update the rug or change the kind of floor surface, you will need to pay the additional expenses yourself.

If your property is been through a water damage, don’t hesitate but call us to help you with a fast and professional water damage claims adjusting process.

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