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Water Damage Buckhead

Public Adjusters work for the home owner, but we also work with contractors. When Water Damage happens due to an installation mistake on the contractor’s part, we can also assist. In this case a plumber we work with on a regular basis didn’t solder a joint completely and it started leaking while the home owner when on vacation. The entire basement was covered in over an inch of water, water damage extended throughout the entire basement . Luckily there was no real damage other than the carpet pad and the tack strips that hold down the carpet.

Water Damage

The water was extracted by our friends at Water Remediation Marietta  and a catastrophe was avoided. The home owner demanded that the carpet be completely removed from the premises and dried. Once again, Water Remediation Marietta came through and took the carpet to their warehouse and dried the carpet over the weekend. It is the first time we have ever seen a client demand that the carpet be completely removed from their home to be dried, but in the end everyone including the home owner and the plumber were happy.

Water Damage Can Happen At Any Time

There are so many water connections in a home that can be the source of a water loss. The kitchen sink is the first, and most likely place to experience a water loss. The dishwasher and the ice machine supply line are also possible locations were a water loss can be found. Also check the hot water heater, sinks, and toilet supply lines in the spare bedrooms. As a home or business owner, it is a good idea to check the water connections inside at least once a month to make sure there are no new leaks in these critical areas.

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