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If you are looking to become a Public Adjuster in the Metro Atlanta area, you first have to obtain a license from the state of Georgia.

Per the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner Website, the requirements are as follows:

  • Completion of 40 hour property casualty pre-licensing course.  To search for a course provider, click here
  • Passing score on Public Adjuster examination. For information regarding examination procedures, click here.
  • Completion of form GID-103. To print application, click here.
  • Completion of public adjuster $5,000 bond. To print bond, click here.
  • Payment of $115 to the GA Insurance Commissioner.


For those that already hold a license in some form you need the following:

  • Waiver of Prelicensing course and examination can be granted if applicant holds CPCU designation. Must attach copy of CPCU designation to application.
  • Waiver of Prelicensing course and examination can be granted if applicant was previously licensed for same lines in prior home state; license in that state must be active at the time of moving to Georgia, applicant must attach original clearance letter from prior home state and must apply for licensure within 90 days of the date of the move to Georgia.
  • If you have taken a course for less than 40 hours and passed (such as those offered by Geico), you must unfortunately start fresh with a 40 hour course.


The type of test needed:

  • For a Public Adjuster license you must take Pearson VUE Exam: 12-GA-20

Please contact us and we will be happy to work with you and show you what it really takes to Become a Public Adjuster!

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