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Insurance Policy Review

When was the last time you had an independent insurance policy review? When was the last time you looked at your policy? Do you fully understand your coverage? These questions can be embarrassing, but after all who really READS their residential or business insurance policy once it has been obtained? It simply goes in a file or in a drawer in the hopes that “everything was taken care of the day I got that policy”. We are all to blame.

Have no fear, Atlanta Public Adjusters performs FREE insurance Policy Reviews right in the comfort of your own home or business.

What is a insurance policy review?

There are four main categories of coverage on most policies. Dwelling, Personal Property, Loss of Use and Personal Liability. You also are probably aware that you have a deductible, but do you know exactly what would you are covered for? Most likely you don’t.

Call us today at 404-445-5671 and one of our friendly knowledgeable adjusters / claims examiner will come out to your location and go over the details of your policy – absolutely free of charge? Why are we not charging a fee for this valuable service? Because all of us here at Atlanta Public Adjusters believe in the power of education. If we can help someone BEFORE any kind of claim occurs, you will be better equipped to make sure the process goes as smooth as possible… and we strictly work from referrals. We DO NOT and CANNOT sell you anything. Period.

Is it the insurance policy review really free?

As advocates for the consumer (you) we can and do recommend professionals we know that handle all types of repair emergencies, fast and efficiently.  As part of our ongoing training we have to review hundreds and thousands of policies – at absolutely no cost to the consumer.

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