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Water related damage is a common occurrence in many homes and business in the United States of America, and the causes of water damages are numerous. The question every property owner should ask is when, not if, damage caused by water will happen but thankfully proper Insurance coverage will compensate affected property owners. If you home or business has suffered water related damages because of one type of water loss or the other, you should call Public Adjusters Atlanta to verify the loss and file a claim with your insurance Company. If you have never experienced a loss, you should know that it’s not easy to deal with your insurance company by yourself. All Insurance Companies are in business to collect payments and not pay for losses, The whole process is made easy if you contact us immediately, because as Public Adjusters, we have experience in dealing with insurance related losses for many years and we can make it easy for you to handle any type of insurance claim.

The First Step to Repair Water Damage

Water damage at your home or business requires quick action, if you delay in dealing with damage caused by water in your property, then the damage can become much worse. Have no fear as we are more than ready to assist you. Please give us a call immediately so that we can make sure your claim is handled professionally and let Public Adjusters Atlanta carry your burden all the way through. We will call your Insurance Company as well as come to your home or business and assess all of any damage caused by any type of water\loss. It is critical for your insurance company to catalog and assess the damage in a timely way before you move on to the repair process. We will ensure that your insurer assesses all damaged caused by water before moving on to the next stage.

Water Mitigation Emergency

Many policy holders do not know that you have the right to “pack out” your contents Pack out is the process of cleaning and storing all your contents in the affected area so that the repairs can be done quickly and easily. Water damaged contents must be dried and cleaned immediately to make sure they are not damaged beyond repair. We will ensure that you get the help quickly so that you don’t lose important items. As Public Adjusters, we will help you hire professional water mitigation specialists that will work quickly to clean up and dry the water. Sensitive items like books and all paper items should be packed out, and make sure you let professionals turn off the power before removing all electrical appliances at your home to safety. We will make sure to remove all wooden products from the affected area to avoid further damage, and pack out clothes and upholstery like carpets, drapers, and anything that is susceptible to damage.

Document The Damage

Water damage may occur when you are at work, a sleep, or away. No matter when water damage occurs, there is a need to document everything from beginning to the end with the claim filing process. We are experts and we are good at helping you document the loss with photos and video. We will help you to pack out and store like damaged items, catalog damaged household goods and any fill out all necessary documents. Make sure you keep all receipts for any repairs you have paid for to make sure you get paid back from your insurance company.

Prevent More Damage

We are able to help you choose the right Water Mitigation Company who is experienced in the task; there is a need to prevent further water destruction and damage as soon as possible. A professional mitigation Company will work with us to stop any live water leaks such as a broken pipe, flood source, backed up sewerage system, and any other possible source of water damage. The process involves closing the main water supply valve, and possibly blocking the water entry way and any shutting down or blocking any active source of water. That is mandatory in order to stop the damaging water before the repair is started.

Drying Process

It takes professional technicians who know how to dry water. We only work with professional water mitigation Companies that have expertise and experience to deal with the drying process. It takes specialized equipment to completely dry water and deep penetrative moisture from your home or business. Moisture meters are used in order to detect moisture hidden tin the walls or wood floors. We help you expedite the process, so if you are faced with any water mitigation issue call us immediately and avoid the headache.

Mold Removal

We are mold certified and will only recommend professional mold removal experts to remove all molds and mildew. We will walk with you in the whole process to make sure that you have the best professionals in the market, we assist to ensure that water is totally removed and its effects in your premises. Occasionally there is a need to use professional mold and mildew remediators before starting drying process to make sure spores are not spread further. Essential equipment like dehumidifiers and fans are required at this stage to help eradicate underling water.

Fix Water Damage Causes

After completing the drying and mitigation process, then the repairs to the structure can begin. Here is where Public Adjusters Atlanta comes in, we will ensure that you hire a professional Contractor to repair the damages and put your home or business back to pre-loss condition – or better. We only work with reliable contractors who will do the job form our estimate no matter what the cause of water damage, be it leaking pipes, leaking faucets, or a broken-down toilet. If the damage is caused by natural disasters like a storm or floods, we will ensure that any and all damage is repaired professionally.

You should call a professional whenever faced with water damage in your premises; Public Adjusters Atlanta is your partner ready to help with your water mitigation process. We also deal with your insurer on your behalf helping you get the maximum pay out.

Call us at 404-455-5671 for further information.

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