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What To Do If Your Property Suffers Hail Damage?

Hail is a natural factor that causes serious damages to properties around the world. In the United States of America for instance, there are about ten states that are more often affected by hail damage. The problem is not limited to only those ten states an any area can be affected by hailstorm rain. Statistics and research show that most of the hailstorms come around the month of May and during the spring season. People living in the affected areas should stay out of hailstorm rains. Besides damaging property, hail can also cause you serious personal injuries if you aren’t shielded. Nobody should be outside during a hailstorm.

How Can You Identify Hail Related Damage?

Hail damage to a home or business typically happens to the roof. However, in many instances, it’s difficult to identify hail damage, depending on the size of the hail. If your home or car is pounded with bigger hail measuring from 0.75 inches in diameter and greater, then you will easily see the severity of the damage. Otherwise, it might not be easy to see the damages till later. For the sake of insurance compensation, it’s better to verify damages caused by hail no matter how minimal or invisible, through a Public Adjuster. If you wait to report hail damages or take long before reporting the incident, your insurance Company may not pay for the repairs.

Property Damage Inspection – 404-445-5671

It’s good to hire the services of a licensed and certified Public Adjuster to inspect the roof of your home or business after a hailstorm. In many cases it’s not easy to detect that your property has suffered damage immediately, but a qualified and experienced Atlanta Public Adjuster can determine if there is hail damage and help file an insurance claim right away. Unlike a roof, if your vehicle has suffered hail damage, it is quite easy for you to see the damage yourself. Just know that if you find hail damage on your vehicle you must report the damage to your insurance company right away.

Roof Damage

The roof is the portion of a a home or business is more prone to the damage caused by hail; in many cases even light hailstorm can cause damage to roof. When a roof is damaged by hail, it can become worse over time. Damaged shingles can allow water to seep through the roofing system. If the damage is not dealt with in a timely fashion, then other parts of the roof will also deteriorate over time. You should never assume that nothing has been damaged after a hailstorm; a leaking roof can cause extensive damage to the interior of your home or business and your insurance Company will likely deny your claim if the damages happened to the roof long ago. It is an ideal for the repair process to take place immediately after the damage has happened, and before further extensive damage can occur.

Hail Damage to Vehicles

Again, it is much easier for an individual to visibly see hail damage to your car. It’s important to inspect and verify the severity of the damage as soon as possible. In most cases, heavy hailstorm can damage the windscreens, windows, as well as the car body. If in doubt, you can also call your auto specialist to assess the damage to your car before it’s too late, and then file for an insurance claim in time.

File Your Claim

If your property or vehicle is damaged by a hailstorm, you need to make sure you file a claim immediately. If you have experienced hail damage to your home or business, call Atlanta Public Adjusters and we will come out and assess the extent of the damage for free. All homeowner’s insurance policies cover hail damage. Your car is only covered if it has a comprehensive coverage. Make sure that you keep all receipts for any patching or temporary repairs, so you can submit them for refund to your insurance company.

Select a Reputable Repair Company

We handle the entire claims process for you. We will estimate the damages in the same program the insurance company uses. Your home or business insurance company will also send out a representative that works for them to also verify the damage caused by hail to your property. Atlanta Public Adjusters will make sure the insurance company pays for all of the damages and we will also help you hire the services of a reputable contractor or to undertake the repairs. Be wary of storm chasers, or companies that do not have a local presence as they often file frivolous claims, which can cause you to lose your discount

Call Public Adjusters Atlanta at 404-445-5671 as soon as your property suffers hail damage. We will help you in filing for claim and assist you with the repair. Dealing with your insurance company is sensitive; proper assessment and timeliness is the key. Your insurance policy states that you are also required to take immediate measures to avert further damage, so call us and we will come and do a free inspection to make sure you have a good claim!

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