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Damage to your Home? Public Adjusters Atlanta is There For You.

insurance claim damage, public adjusters atlantaPublic adjusters are basically insurance policy adjusters who work for you, the policy holder, to file a claim on your behalf and handle your insurance claim through the settlement process. In the state of Georgia, Policy holder’s, lawyers and public adjusters are the only individuals who can legally represent a policy holder’s rights during the claims process as well as directly handle and negotiate the payment for damages to a home or business. A public adjuster’s job is to try to get the max amount of the claim from the insurance company, provide all the paperwork and also estimate the extent of damage. Most public adjusters work on a commission basis, that is, the money they receive comes from the insurance company, not the policy holder. The home or business owner never pays “out of pocket” to the public adjuster. The function of the public adjuster is to evaluate damages, submit the necessary documentation to the insurance company, review the policy, determine the best value negotiation as well as finally bargain with the insurance adjuster.

Generally public adjusters are paid a percent of the claim. Typically the charges go down as the claim value rises. The percentage charged depends on the type of claim and the percentage charged is stated in advance. You should likewise bear in mind that the costs for re-opened case negotiations are higher as a result of the additional job involved. Some public adjusters are unlikely to handle cases listed below $10,000; however Public Adjusters Atlanta will handle claims down to $5,000.

There are mainly 3 categories of adjusters –

  • Independent adjusters that are totally free lance and are hired by the insurance company
  • Staff Adjusters who work directly for the insurance company
  • Public adjusters that work on your behalf

Bear in mind that it the responsibility of the public adjuster to make sure you have a valid claim before filing with your insurance company. Many people feel they have a viable claim, not necessarily take the time to read their policy to make sure they are covered. In fact the policy language can be confusing to most people, so get the advice of a pubic adjuster before you file an insurance claim to make sure you have a valid claim.

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