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Tree Damage Atlanta

Trees fall everyday somewhere in GA and Tree Damage happens to home and business buildings every once in a while. Tree Damage to Home or Business can also occur when one falls the wrong direction while being cut down. That is what happened to this home in Atlanta, GA 30329. If a tree removal company doesn’t have insurance, the home owner’s insurance policy will cover the loss. The damages from such a loss can be extensive and a structural engineer is required to make sure that the hidden damages as well as the obvious damages are discovered so that the home can be rebuilt properly. The exact dollar figure of the damages to this home have yet to be determined at the time of this writing, however the initial offer from the insurance company is probably 1/5th of what it will really take to put this property back into a pre-loss condition.

Tree Damage Estimate Process

As Public Adjusters, we use a damage value estimating program called Xactimate, which is the same program the insurance company uses to estimate the damage. The funny part is, our estimate is typically from 100-500% higher than the insurance company! if you have never experienced an insurance loss, it is hard to imagine that your insurance company would try to underpay the claim, but we see that happen every day. Why? because insurance companies are “for profit” organizations. The less they pay on claims, the more profit they make. Policy holders deserve the right for proper representation when damage occurs to their home or business. Would you go to court without an attorney, unless you were one? even seasoned building contractors do not have the inside knowledge we do when it comes to insurance related damages.

Public Adjuster or Attorney?

As of July 1st 2014 there are only 2 third party entities that can represent you when you sustain damage to your home or business. One is an attorney and one is a Public Adjuster. With us, you get both. We have a legal department that works on a contingency basis, just like we do, so that if as Public Adjusters we are presented with a denial or partial denial, we simply move the file to the legal department and supply them with our estimates and engineer reports, and they take the case from there.

Hire a Public Adjuster Today!

If you have sustained damage to your home or business, let us come over and explain the full benefits of hiring a Public Adjuster today. If it turns out that you really need an attorney, we will gather all of the documentation the attorney will need to allow them to take your case and get you the best result possible.

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