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The insurance industry is very diverse with many departments and classes of insurance. That diversity needs more expertise and professionalism for any work accomplished. Handling insurance related losses and filing claims is not a walk in the Park, that is why there is a need to involve experts in such insurance businesses. There are Adjusting Firms and Companies who have the capacity to assess together with Insurance Companies, and they come on hand whenever you need to file your claims.

Insurance Companies may not give you full compensation on your submitted claims, but if you contact a firm like Atlantic Public Adjusters assures you of getting an accurate value of your claims. Moreover, we take our time and experience to help adjust your claims in a professional manner. When you have an issue that requires claims filing, don’t hesitate to call us immediately to assist you through the process. Contact us at 404-455-4561.


1) Property Claims Management:

Atlanta Public Adjusters have the capacity and well-trained members of staff for all your property claims needs. We have many years’ experience dealing with all the minute details in the event of damage to your property, outfield adjusters will run to your aid provided you call us in time. We assist our clients in putting every detail together and adjudicating the accurate claims. We have out teams of licensed and certified consultants, adjusters and property managers who will help you promptly.

We deal with both commercial and residential property in claims adjusting and settlement, and we act in a timely fashion to avoid further damage to the property in question. Alert us promptly when your property damaged in any manner.

2) Investigation Services:

Atlanta Public Adjuster is a leading light when it comes to corporate compliant issues and fraud abatement. We have an experienced and licensed team who is up to the task. We come in time to help you, in the event you are faced with the herculean task of insurance fraud. That especially where your claims are concerned. There have been many insurance claims cases that you have read about in the news, and they seemed totally cumbersome that property owners couldn’t have their claims honored.
Adjusting Firms – What We Do

We deal with such complicated insurance matters; out expert claim investigators will work tirelessly with your insurer to sort out such issues once and for all. Call us if you have a complicated insurance claims case that borders on fraud, we will ensure that you get your rightful claims payment.

3) Catastrophe Services:

We also have resources and technical know-how of managing claims related to the catastrophe when your insured interest has suffered a natural disaster like hail, thunderstorm, earthquake, and the likes. We have experience of assessing damages caused by such natural or man-made disasters, don’t ever try to sort it out yourself since you might end up in a headwind. We have a fully equipped field adjusters, they ensure that your claims are assessed and filed in real-time.

4) Content Services:

We also have unique content services that come in handy to help insurance Companies and other related firms, you understand that not all businesses have all insurance experts in their ranks. Our content services have been vital for many Insurers and other upcoming adjusters, and we are relied upon to offer accurate claims calculations to those who need it. We have consultant accountants and certified examiners in any insurance, do you have any difficult claims assignment?

For an onsite evaluation, Contact us for more details. 404-445-5671


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