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Tree Damage Virginia Highlands

Tree Damage Virginia Highlands 1 Tree Damage Virginia Highlands 2 Tree Damage Virginia Highlands

Tree Damage Virginia Highlands

This is what a Tree Damage Virginia Highlands house looks like when a tree over 100 foot tall falls on a house that is about 90 feet away from the base. Had this home been closer, the tree would have cut it in half. The Tree damage to the home is severe, however even though the tree did the damage, the loss is attributed to wind.. and that being the case, the damage to the landscaping is not covered!

In this case the driveway is cracked and that will be covered under “other structures” and so will the fence, but the trees, shrubs and flowers are not covered. Someone that has extensive landscaping should add that as an endorsement to their policy, of face the idea that you will have to come out of pocket to replace the landscaping.

Landscaping, however, would be covered if the damage was done by  a vehicle, or vandalism… always make sure you think of these things yourself as your insurance agent is probably never going to ask you about your landscaping.

Tree Damage Virginia Highlands

There are a shocking amount of older big trees located in Atlanta, Virginia Highlands, and Buckhead. Recently Metro Atlanta has been experiencing an unusual amount of high wind and weather events that are blowing down trees in these areas. Not only the wind, but heavy rains that saturate the ground making it unstable and easier to blow down the trees that have stood strong for decades.

If you suffer Tree Damage in the Metro Atlanta area, make sure you call Public Adjusters Atlanta before you call your insurance company so we can make sure your insurance company pays you enough money to put your property back to pre-loss condition, or better.

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